Bandolera Route

The BANDOLERA ROUTE is a journey, possible to do with two, three, or four days, depending on the cycling level of the person performing it or also the desire to contemplate, see or enjoy, the landscapes, peace and history of places Visited!

We are working to present a way to enjoy the bicycle and the group of friends on a 220 km route.

Two, three, or four days ... you can dedicate yourself to complete it, you will choose!

We have looked for a route to fill our mind, and at the same time, with a physical effort possible, without difficulty, except for some place of connection, the objective is to achieve the Route with normality and satisfaction!

Authentic !! For its exclusive paths, its unique views, its history and its legends ... retained by the landscapes of the Subirà and the Guilleries, travel the ancient ways of the bandits, the main one, Joan Sala, aliases in Serrallonga!

We will show you the most emblematic, most hidden places and all the Water Land! La Comarca de la Selva, The marshes of Sau and Susqueda, Rupit Tavertet, El Coll, and a lot more fantastic places !!. Enjoying your gastronomy and places for lodging where your people will welcome you.

Depending on your needs, we will make it possible for you to carry out our BTT TRAILER ROUTE with our services that you will be offered, tracing the route, transferring luggage and hiring your accommodation. With the possibility of having mechanical assistance.


Health and pedals!